Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Imaginary Dental School is going well; thank you for asking

Happy Year of the Boar, Marmaduke explanation enthusiasts... While the rest of you were out having fun setting off roman candles and drinking sparkling grape juice and making kisses, I was hard at work at Imaginary Dental School's Skeeter Danderslice Von Toothsworthy library, cramming for my Intro to Flossing exam. I can't say that it's been tons of fun for me lately, trying to balance my grueling uphill battle to be a fake dentist with my more artistic endeavors, but it'll be all be worth it someday, when I'm finally pretend-qualified to fix people's teeth.

Speaking of Imaginary Dental School, I've finished emailing the first batch of Certificates of Charitability to those kind souls who generously donated to the Official Joe Mathlete Imaginary Dental School Tuition Foundation. There was a guy named Seth who didn't get his, but he had a Hotmail account and it was probably full so I got it returned. Seth, delete some stuff and/or get a decent email provider, then get back to me. I will continue emailing these certificates on a weekly basis, provided that anyone is awesome enough to support my dubious medical aspirations. If you're curious, this is what Chocolate-Level Donors ($10-$100) receive:

I'll do the thing with the dog cartoon again tomorrow and the next day and so forth. T-shirt preorders forthcoming.


Joe Mathlete