Thursday, April 24, 2008

I am talking about the internet tomorrow (in real life)

If you want to watch it on your computer, here is some information (copypasted from an email I just got):

"LIVE-STREAMING: ROFLCon panels/talks will be live-streamed on USTREAM! We think this will be comforting for everyone on the interwebs who can't come to this crazy event. If you would like to comfort your fans, please blog this/twitter it/shout it from the rooftops! URL:"

I will be speaking at 1 pm Eastern time on a panel with the Chuck Norris Facts guy, the Bert is Evil guy, the One Red Paperclip guy, and the JibJab guy. If any of this sounds like something that would interest you, you might find this interesting.

Someday I will make another post about Marmaduke, I swear.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Joe Mathlete Publicly Responds To Some Of Your Correspondance From Like A Month Or Two Ago

The following messages were sent to my band's MySpace account, as I guess it's kind of hard to find my email address (sk8erboi420@hellokittyfans.shit). In case anyone else reading has or had any similar thoughts or concerns, or maybe just because I'm a dick and I'm procrastinating today, I figured I'd respond to them here.

From: ameera

Subject: Marmaduke Concerns

Body: Dear Joe Mathlete,

My friend Sarah and I have long been fans of you and your explanations of the antics of everyone's favorite dull-witted cartoon dog. However as of late, it seems like your explanations of Marmaduke are a little uninspired. In fact, Sarah and I have developed a theory that perhaps you are not actually writing the Marmaduke explanations yourself. So what's the deal? Have you hired out a ghost explainer? Or have you just lost the taste for brief summaries of Marmaduke?



Dear ameera,

Thank you for you and your capitalized friend Sarah's concerns (such as they are). I will allow that I got off to a bit of a rocky start at the top of the year; there are essentially four jokes in any given Marmaduke strip (Marmaduke is big, Marmaduke is an asshole, Marmaduke thinks he's people, and the occasional inexplicable bit of "phantom humor"), which means that if I'm just explaining what's happening in each day's Marmaduke (what I originally intended to do with this blog) I'm going to be repeating myself quite a bit. Also, karma's known for being a bitch so I'm trying not to jinx myself with too many more Alzheimer's jokes. I think the blog tends to be funnier if I'm working the kind of job where I'm sitting in front of a computer all day bored out of my skull, which hasn't been the case since late last year. But I'll try to keep up with the funny.

Having said that, considering I decided to stop selling merch awhile ago and don't advertise on the site outside of Google Ads (which if I'm lucky makes me almost enough to buy a sandwich every two or three weeks), the idea that I've hired someone to ghostwrite this stuff strikes me as kind of hilarious. Also, the most recent strip as of the writing of your email was this one, which was in my humble/egotistical opinion one of the best posts I've ever done (read it carefully this time).

Anyway, thank you for the cordiality and such. I hope things have begun to get a little bit less phoned in, and I'll try to keep some level of quality control for as long as I'm going to keep doing this (going on nearly two years now... Jesus, how have I not been sued yet?).


Joe Mathlete



Subject: To Joe


i couldnt find a way to email you so i decided to use myspace, anyway i can tell you really dont want to do marmaduke explained anymore, so please stop, you used to explain it in a funny and witty manner and i was laughing my ass off, but now, now your REALLY explaining it it's not funny at all your just saying whats happening in a totally un-funny manner, so im begging you, please stop, just let it die and let me forget about this blog completely.

Thank you,


Dear teenage stoner from Boise,

Thank you for taking the time to give blunt (no pun intended) and unsolicited advice to a stranger on the internet. As glad as I am to have made a Kottonmouth Kings fan laugh his ass off (literally? That part was a bit unclear. If so, I hope it got better), I would have no problem if someone who didn't enjoy my silly trifle of a blog stopped looking at it. I imagine after two or three days you would have absolutely no trouble forgetting it.

And for the record: I know your MySpace music playlist is essentially the result of you trying to compile pretty much every song you could find about drugs into one convenient place, but Guided by Voices' "Weedking" is not about weed, nor is Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You" about getting faded. I will grant you that "Fade Into You" sounds really good when you're high, though. And "Weedking" sounds really good regardless. But you're not the first stoner to accidentally get into music way out of your league, so don't get too excited.

Anyway, you should be commended for your ability to write an entire paragraph using only one period. Thank god you're not into meth or it could've been nine times as long.


Joe Mathlete


For the record, I've got nothing against teenagers, stoners or Boise. Case in point: I'm a huge Built to Spill fan, something that can be said to encompass all three.

Marmaduke is paralyzed by the pressure of choosing which of two objects he should spend his day chewing on. Marmaduke's owner-lady mocks his plight while cradling an armload of either towels or enormous lasagna noodles.