Monday, September 24, 2007

Fuck this shit

First of all, it's called "The Blog of Hilarity" ( Strike one and strike two and strike three.

Second of all: "Marmaduke Monday."

Someone brought this to my attention this weekend. The guy who writes it seems to usually stick to by-the-numbers religious intolerance, Pavlovian fratboy misogyny and sports, so it's not something I really keep up with. But the fellow turned out to be a bit of a risk-taker, and he took it upon himself to venture into the exciting and uncharted territories of Exactly What I Do Here.

And then did it again. And again.

I'm not particularly vain or anything; seeing somebody else to secretly usurp my Marmaduke Explaining throne or whatever the fuck is going on there (more likely scenario: he's just really unoriginal and incredibly dim) isn't so much a threat to my ego as it is a sharp reminder as to how stupid this blog really is (to be honest, I'd be surprised if I had another six months in me; barrelfish hunting gets tedious after awhile anyway). But also, y'know... Guy's kind of a douche, huh? Regardless of "Marmaduke Mondays" (currently, his most popular article is "That NYPD cop that got shot has an f-able girlfriend") but especially in light of it.

Anyway, whatever. I'm taking a break for at least a couple days. If you're bored, I fixed an episode of a terrible television show over here; go watch it if you like. Or just read all Blog of Hilarity entries tagged with "fatties gets no love" if you're thirsting for a dose of clever, forward-thinking parody "as seen on ESPN, Slate, Deadspin, Gawker, AOL and more."