Friday, July 13, 2007

"MARMADUKE IS AN ASSHOLE" t-shirts: now totally for sale, for the last time ever

Click here, why don't you. And hurry the heck up... Supplies are crazy limited.

Marmaduke's house, in a clear homage to the magical realism popularized and refined by Latin American authors such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Laura Esquivel, and Jorge Luis Borges, has a much larger interior than it does an exterior. This mildly perturbs his owner-man.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Okay, things should be getting back to normal around here

Sorry to keep you hanging or whatever. I've actually been sick for the past few days, which is like a vacation but with throw-ups. Now that I'm all out of throw-ups, I've got an exciting announcement for all you Marmaduke Explanation Enthusiasts out there: the (very short) return of MARMADUKE IS AN ASSHOLE t-shirts. Get excited! Now!

Here's the deal: Turns out I still have a few of these left. They're not doing anyone any good just sitting around my shanty in a box. Tune in tomorrow afternoon for your last-ever chance to purchase a high-quality Hanes cotton blend, white-ink on black fabric (so, basically the opposite of that design up there) t-shirt that will have friends, family and neighbors alike saying "hey, there's a cuss word on your shirt!" When they're gone, they are so gone.

Oh, also, I might as well do what I'm supposed to be doing here, huh?

Marmaduke's thirst for blood ruins another little league game.