Wednesday, September 05, 2007

(let's see if they notice)

Marmaduke is destroying Guernica.

Ha! Fooled you. That's not a real Marmaduke comic; it's one of those index card drawings I do. Today's Marmaduke is garbage (grab a paper, 'cuz all I got it "Marmaduke ate a salesman's shoe"), so I figured I'd share that instead. There's another Marmaduke-related card up on that site from yesterday that you comic strip fans may somewhat enjoy. Feel free to get in on the arting and pick up your own special, made-to-order, customized index card artwork, but let it be known that I do draw other things besides Marmaduke, and the non-Marmaduke requests usually get filled a lot quicker (it's easier to draw when you're not choking down bile).

Self promotion ha cha cha!