Wednesday, December 06, 2006

For the record

First off, I didn't actually quit yet. Sorry for any confusion.

If anyone clicked the link in this blog entry and got the little dancing monster "fuck you and die" page, that wasn't my doing. Because he was apparently getting harassed, the blogger guy did some tricky internet things I don't understand, and the original URL from his email that I posted here redirected you to that thing.

I've since made the link point somewhere else. Not to the blogger guy's blog, because it seems 100% reasonable he'd make it so you go to the little dancing monster "fuck you and die" page again (or someplace even worse, like the stretchy butthole website or the picture of the Japanese lady pooping in her bathtub). This would be well within both his rights and abilities, so I made the link not go to his blog anymore, and therefore not to the LDM/FYAD page. I don't know why you'd want to click it after reading this, but it's your life.

Updates over the next week or two may be somewhat sporadic, as I have recently decided to become a dentist.


Joe Mathlete