Friday, September 29, 2006

Dear Marmaduke Explanation Enthusiasts

I have received a number of emails about the missing images from the first month or so of this blog. When I first began this public service, I linked the cartoons from United Media's website (which is very similar to this blog, only it just posts the comic strips without giving them proper context). Then I figured out that after a month they switch out all of the Marmaduke comics with pictures of a little red X, most likely to piss off bloggers and the like.

Now the pictures I post here are hosted somewhere else, so that won't be a problem anymore. Regarding the little red X pictures, I do have a number of the old comics saved to my hard drive (when I realized what was happening, I went and grabbed what I still could before they were all gone), but have yet to go back and post them. This is primarily due to laziness. I estimate that I will fix this problem "someday," but until then I will keep up with the day-to-day(ish) updates as much as my attention span and capacity for humor-free comic strips permits.

Also, I have been made aware that other people on the internet write things about Marmaduke. You should google "marmaduke can vote" and "project marmaduke," because apparently it would be too much of an effort for me to provide direct links right now (see previous paragraph's reference to laziness).

Thank you,

Joe Mathlete